Blending elements of martial arts, acrobatics, music and culture, capoeira is the celebrated Brazilian art form that has transcended cultural and racial boundaries to become a worldwide phenomenon, and was in 2014 given a special cultural heritage status by Unesco. Widely recognised for its beautiful and exciting movements, capoeira is the ultimate full-body workout that emphasises attacks, throws and escapes in fluid, continuous motion. Improvements in coordination, balance, flexibility and strength are its main benefits, as well as general health and fitness. Capoeira places significance in its social application as much as its physical, where through its deep tradition of language, song and music the spirit of community, appreciation and respect are fostered.


This distinctive capoeira program was specially created to engage with both newcomers and intermediate capoeiristas, and build solid fundamentals in all areas of the art. Martial training incorporates the development of ginga, kicks, basic acrobatics and takedowns, with progression to advanced movements and attacks/escapes. Cultural aspects of playing instruments and learning songs are introduced early in our program, giving the students opportunity to explore the roots of capoeira while at the same time building trust, confidence and respect.

Students of BeWater Capoeira can expect to:
· learn basic and intermediate movements
· apply attack, escape and takedown techniques
· improve coordination, mobility and agility
· understand different game concepts and rituals
· learn to play capoeira instruments and rhythms

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