Yoga has since the 1980s become a universal language of physical, mental and spiritual exercise whose success is measured by the tens of millions of followers and practitioners the world over. Dating back thousands of years to ancient India, this ascetic discipline is widely renowned for its health and relaxation benefits and the improvement of quality of life, in part derived from specific exercises in breathing, meditation and bodily postures or poses that are its trademark. In a world filled with constant stress and distractions, yoga helps bring clarity and alertness to the mind, restoring it to peaceful equilibrium so that people may continue with their daily lives with strength and vigour.


Our signature classes have been tailored for a great full body workout and de-stress for beginners and practitioners alike. Guided by our Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher, our fun and dynamic vinyasa yoga classes are never alike and vary with each session, exploring postures and sequences guaranteed to leave you energised and strengthened.

Our goals include:
- Learning essential yoga philosophy and asanas alignments
- Developing a balanced and healthy body through challenging exercises and non-repetitive motion
- Building good pranayama (breathing technique) and meditative practice
- Improving mental alertness, awareness and clarity